Chris Withers wrote:
Nikolay Kim wrote:
I'm aware of this but it kind of defeats the idea of seperating code and configuration...

So, other ideas?

create new zcml directive.

That seems pretty heavyweight :-/

It's not. It's in fact relatively easy to write a custom utility directive that takes arbitrary parameters and then passes them on to the utility's factory.

The question is whether that's a good idea. I don't think it is. Either the parameters you want to pass have to do with code, then ZCML isn't the right *tool* because from ZCML you can only pass Unicode strings (for arbitrary parameters, ZCML can't do its magic of resolving dotted names or validating or whatever).

Or the parameters you want to pass have to do with configuration (e.g. some server name, a port, a directory, etc.). Then ZCML isn't the right *place*. An admin-friendy place (zope.conf, paste.ini, custom configuration file, etc.) would be a much better place. Or make it a local persistent utility that stores its configuration persistently and allows it to be changed TTW.
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