Shane Hathaway wrote:
> Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
>> Shane Hathaway wrote:
>>> Looks like a bug to me.  If the object passed as the first argument to 
>>> queryAdapter() implements the interface passed as the second argument, I 
>>> believe queryAdapter() should return the object, regardless of any 
>>> component registrations.
>> No, it's not a bug. This is in fact a feature (like it or not).
> While I respect that this feature may have been chosen carefully, it 
> nevertheless seems more like a misfeature.  Chris' expectation was 
> reasonable and ought not to be violated without a good cause.  What code 
> depends on it?

I've been bitten by this in the past as well. I can't see a good reason 
why it should be that way. The only thing I can imagine needing this 
would be some code that checked whether an adapter was registered, but 
even then why should anyone care...

It'd be an easy thing to "fix", too.


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