Benji York wrote:
> But, that doesn't really matter much, because test in question has never
> run, and can never have passed (since the time when zope.testing's
> doctest was forked from Python).  It expects to call functions in the
> current module (which is zope.testing.doctest) to mutate module globals
> and see the results in the globals of the module imported by "import
> doctest" (which will be the doctest from the standard library).

If it's from the globals, surely it just needs to be changed to see the 
globals in zope.testing.doctest have the results instead.
> anything worth testing as far as I can tell.  Then we should make
> bin/test run the tests in

Do they not currently? :-S

> Ultimately we'd really like to defork doctest, but that's a non-trivial
> task.

Hmm, but then this would tie us to the python release cycle, which isn't 
the fastest in the world, especially for new feature releases...



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