Martin Aspeli wrote:
> I'm trying to build a widget that allows for auto-complete of items in a 
> vocabulary, but also allows additional (string) values to be added. To 
> understand how that works, I am digging into z3c.formwidget.query, and 
> it looks to me like it's making incorrect assumptions about its own 
> interfaces.

This can very well be; the defense would be that the entire vocabulary 
code is full of odd interfaces that don't really form a complete story.

> If I'm not reading this wrong, it seems to me that z3c.formwidget.query 
> is using getTermByValue() (which I can't find anywhere else) instead of 
> getTermByToken() as defined by IVocabularyTokenized.

I don't remember the details, but the implementation may be incorrect 
although functional. Certainly, it's made to good use by 
```` and a number of other modules.

You're more than welcome to improve or devise an alternative implementation.


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