On Wednesday 20 August 2008, Dan Korostelev wrote:
> In the OrederedSelectWidget's input template there's a little bug in
> options displaying. Options (for selectedItems and notSelectedItems)
> are displayed using expression like this (simplified):
> <option tal:content="entry/content" />
> Which will result in calling entry['content'] if it is callable, which
> is true (for example) for the standard zope's "Content Types"
> vocabulary from zope.app.content, because by default the term.value is
> used for the "content" and then, if the term provides
> ITitleTokenizedTerm it is replaced with translated term.title. But in
> the "Content Types" vocabulary, terms are not titled, so term.value is
> used, which is some Interface subclass and which is callable.
> So, as far as I understand, to fix little issue, we need to add the
> "nocall" modifier in the template, so option expression will look like
> this (simplifed):
> <option tal:content="nocall:entry/content" />
> Thanks!

I agree with that analysis. If you could send me a patch that includes a test 
(I know already you know how to do that ;-) I will apply it for the z3c.form 
2.0.0 release.

BTW, alternatively you could also get checkin rights to the zope.org 
repository and do the checkins yourself. :-) I am reviewing all checkins to 
z3c.form* all the time anyways.

> PS Is there any bug tracking system for z3c.form package (like zope's
> general one on launchpad)?

No, just use the standard Zope 3 one on Launchpad.

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