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Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Previously Laurence Rowe wrote:
>> Hanno Schlichting wrote:
>>> Martijn Faassen wrote:
>>>> I just looked at the PyPI page of 'transaction':
>>>> http://pypi.python.org/pypi/transaction
>>>> And I see some weirdnesses:
>>>> * it's called 'transaction 1.0a1'
>>>> * the 'changes' claim however:
>>>>    1.0 (unreleased)
>>>> What's up? Clearly something went wrong during the releasing of this 
>>>> package, at least documentation-wise. Should be fixed.
>>> The documentation is wrong indeed.
>>>> Note that zope.sqlalchemy pulls in this package as a dependency, even 
>>>> though I don't think ZODB 3.8 comes with that version of transaction...
>>> The transaction module has been moved out of the ZODB egg for ZODB trunk
>>> aka 3.9 as far as I know.
>>> That means the stand-alone transaction package can probably not be used
>>> with any ZODB 3.8 versions.
>>> But except the wrong documentation, I don't see a problem with the
>>> release as such. IIRC someone wanted to use it outside the ZODB and it
>>> was moved out and got an early alpha release.
>> The dependency lets us run the tests easily. It's quite stable, so it
>> doesn't seem to cause any problems if it gets downloaded into a zope
>> 2.10 buildout. You can always use the additional-fake-eggs =
>> transaction if it's a problem.
> transaction is also used by repoze.tm in non-Zope environments such as
> TurboGears 2 and Pylons.  Those tend to not use buildout and certainly
> don't want to see all of zope.* pulled in.

repoze.tm2 is the "stripped down" version which depends only on the
separate 'transaction' package.  The original 'repoze.tm' depends on ZODB3.

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