Rupesh P Raj wrote at 2008-9-9 13:41 +0530:
>I am very newbee to Zope. In my Zope application I want to integrate
>UserTrack product (we dont use plone). I placed the UserTrack folder inside
>the Products directory, and created an instance of UserTrack inside some of
>the other zope products, as follows:
>u = UserTrack()
>But the list is coming as empty. I think the place where I have initialised
>the UserTrack instance is wrong.
>In the Readme file which comes along with UserTrack says that, UserTrack
>lists the currently active authenticated users that are logged into zope and
>accesses an object below the folder where the UserTrack instance resides. So
>I guess I need to write initialize in some of the ZMI folder object, but
>which one?. Can anyone please help me.

I do not know "UserTrack" and how it works.

However, the README tells you, that "UserTrack" must reside
in a folder. This means that it must be integrated into the Zope
site hierarchy.

Usually, you put objects into a folder in the ZMI via the so
called "add list". This is the selection field to the left
of the "Add" button in the "Contents" tab of folder like objects.

You can also do this programmatically.
The idiom is


Here "<defining_product>" is the product that defines the new object's
class, "<constructor>" is the function that create the object
and "<args>" are the arguments the constructor needs (usually
the id of the object to be created, optionally a title).

An example would be:

   destination.manage_addProduct['OFSP'].manage_addFile(id, content)

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