Andreas Jung wrote:
>> A trunk checkout compiles cleanly on Python 2.4:  Sidnei checked in a
>> fix for this problem on Thursday.
> I assume this made it into 3.6.1 released on October 
> 15th:
> So why won't this version build with Python 2.4?

Sidnei fixed the 3.6.1 tag locally to build on Python 2.4. The fix 
hasn't made it into a release yet. So far I didn't want to create a 
release because I'm puzzled by the problem myself: 3.5.6 builds on Python 2.4 perfectly without Sidnei's 
fix. However, 3.6.x will only build on Python 2.4 
*with* Sidnei's fix (which is available from trunk). Regarding their C 
code, the two branches seem to be identical as far as I can tell (for 
instance, compare 3.5.6 to 3.6.1). That's why I'm a bit puzzled. Perhaps 
somebody else can shed light on this.

Of course, if everybody's just annoyed and wants to move on, I'll be 
happy to create another 3.6.2 release with Sidnei's fix in it.

> In addition this release has a source dist and two eggs (for 2.4 and 
> 2.5). Wasn't there consensus to upload sdists only (except for Windows)?

Right. I uploaded an sdist and Sidnei uploaded two binary eggs for 
Windows. Where's the problem?
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