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Tres Seaver wrote:
>> Subject: FAILED (failures=3, errors=4) : Zope-trunk Python-2.4.4 : Linux
>> From: Zope Tests
>> Date: Sun Oct 26 22:03:25 EDT 2008
>> URL: http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zope-tests/2008-October/010375.html
> Sidnei,
> First, thanks for working to get the GSoC 2.5 / 2.6 stuff landed!
> Second, I'm pretty sure that last night's failures are all due to
> landing the GSoC branch, as you were the only person checking into the
> Zope2 trunk yesterday:
>  - AccessControl.tests.testZopeGuards:  I have fixed these tests to
>    pass under Python 2.4 ('all', 'any' arent in builtins;  'max' and
>    'min' don't take a 'key' argument).
>  - Products.Five.browser.tests.resource_ftest.txt  I have narrowed
>    these failures down to OFS.SimpleItem: if I revert the change to
>    'raise_standardErrorMessage', those tests pass again.  I'm not
>    confident, however, that I can figure out why they are breaking.
>  - zope.testbrowser.fixed-bugs.txt:  I haven't gotten to these.
> I think we need to keep the trunk passing under Python 2.4 for now, and
> we need to be running 'test.py --all' to flush out the changes.  Can you
> look at the rest here?

Hmm, the same tests break on Python 2.5 as well.  Note that these fail
during the functional tests, and only if we run all tests::

  $ /path/to/python2.5 test.py --all

Running just the tests in Products.Five succeeds::

  $ /path/to/python2.5 test.py --all -s Products.Five

Maybe we have a bad layer lying around?

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