I had some time to work on the Zope2 egg and the correct / minimal
dependency set. The current work is at:

This gives you a Zope2 egg in a buildout environment with the latest
releases of all dependencies included. The Zope2 egg itself installs
fine into a virtualenv via 'python setup.py develop' as well.

Running the tests via bin/test results in one broken test in Five's
aq_legacy.txt right now. It is a test interdependency failure, as the
Five tests pass on their own.

In terms of dependencies, we have 38 direct dependencies on zope.*
packages and 13 other dependencies (ZODB3, docutils, ...). Including the
indirect dependencies we pull in 65 zope.* packages in total. A classic
Zope2 tarball so far included 103 zope.* packages.

Thanks to tl.eggdeps, Rok Garbas [1] and Marius Gedminas [2] I made
updated dependency graphs for all direct zope.* dependencies of Zope2 [3].

I tried to trim these via 'tred' as Marius suggested, but all
non-trivial graphs have circular dependencies, which made 'tred' produce
useless output for me.

If you want to continue to help on sanitizing the dependencies, sorting
the graphs by size [4] is a good starting point. You can see that
circular dependencies exist for all of: zope.location, zope.publisher,
zope.security and zope.traversing.

All the packages whose dependency graph is more than 1 megabyte clearly
have a problem. The dot files are quite good to read for those.

I'll continue to work on this, feel free to jump in :)


[1] http://sharbas.blogspot.com/2008/09/repozeplone-dependecy-graph.html
[2] http://mg.pov.lt/blog/simplifying-dependency-graphs.html
[3] http://hannosch.eu/zope2-dependencies
[4] http://hannosch.eu/zope2-dependencies/?S=D

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