Chris Withers wrote:
> abhishek dastidar wrote:
>> Hi all,
> You're on the wrong list, you want [EMAIL PROTECTED] as detailed on the 
> product's page at
I got confused between #zope and zope-dev.Thanks for that.
>> I am looking at how to use SimpleUserFolder to simulate users in 
>> zope.Since I don't need to add/edit users in zope,I only added the 
>> getUserDetails in the contents tab inside acl_user as per the readme 
>> .The problem is I can't import anything in a python script and I have 
> If you need to get users from a relational database, use a ZSQL 
> method, otherwise use an External Method if you need stuff not 
> available in python scripts.
I wanted everything inside my product but I was wrong.External methods 
should be fine in that case.
>> all my user details in an external zodb(/tmp/data.fs)) 
> Huh? What on earth are you doing?
Just testing out zodb,I did this exercise keeping ZEO/external ZODB in mind.
>> Also,I read in the readme about subclassing the SUF class.Where do I 
>> need to subclass.Can I do that in a product that I have written and 
>> installed in the same folder?How would SUF know that I have 
>> subclassed it inside a product ?
> I'd suggest you don't want to be doing this.
>> I have to admit that I'm completelty new to zope(2.9 here on debian 
>> etch)
> ...and that's why you don't use OS-packaged versions of Zope. The 
> current version is 2.11, install it from source.
> cheers,
> Chris
Thanks for the tip,Chris.
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