Hi Martijn

> Betreff: Re: [Zope-dev] zope.browser?

> I think we should be careful not to introduce more 
> functionality into zope.browser right now that isn't moved 
> from some other zope.* package. 
> The goal after all, as I understand it, is to reduce 
> installation dependencies.

Yes, absolutly, nothing else right now. I came to a point
where I really like to get rid of zope.app.rotterdam, 
zope.app.authentication and many other packages in my 
simple project setup. Right now, we have a very nice
component architecture, but we can't use them as we like.
There are to many packages grouped together with each other
on zcml level or for just for using some minimal things.

The next step whould be moving the IPasswordManager
implementation from zope.app.authentication to
zope.app.security. This makes it possible to provide
a zope.app.authentication less zope.app.testing package.

Also zope.app.keyreference and zope.app.intid should 
get ported to zope.* packages.

Another part which I'll cleanup is the zope.app.i18n
configure.zcml. This zcml file registers in line: 5 -28
different components from totaly different packages.
Each of them should go to the right package where the 
components are defined. It doesn't make sense to configure
them in zope/app/i18n/confiure.zcml.

All I like to do is to remove the dependencies which are
not needed for a minimal installation. But everything
should be backward compatible and just work like before.
I will not introduce new dependencies or implement
new components. It's all about cleanup existing things.

But as far as I can see, most people are happy with
removing dependencies and make progress in this direction.

Any participation or discussion is very welcome!
I just like to keep the discussion to a minimum
and be a more productive.

I'll promiss to take care and do nothing which doesn't
make sense.

Does this Ok and does it make sense for you?

Roger Ineichen

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