Previously Dan Korostelev wrote:
> I was looking at dependencies of various zope.* packages and see that
> some packages depend on other because of ZCML directives and some are
> not. For example:
> The package depends on, but
> doesn't use it anywhere in non-testing code, however it does use the
> ``class`` directive, registered in
> While the doesn't depend on
> at all, but uses ``class`` directive as well.
> So, the question is: what's the common policy for that? Should we
> depend on packages that is used in ZCML or not? Or maybe ZCML-related
> dependencies should be in some extras_require, say "zcml"?

There is certainly precendence for that (zope.component and zope.i18n

> Personally, I think, that extras_require way is a nice compromise for
> that. Because many of packages can be used greatly without ZCML
> configuration, but getting ZCML-reqired dependencies should be easy.


Those zcml dependencies make it a lot more painful to use zope.*
packages in other environments.


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