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> Betreff: Re: [Zope-dev] Deprecate ITerms in zope.app.form? 
> [Re:zope.browser?]


> If we that there is a real goal other than "future 
> cleanliness" for the deprecation system, then a system which 
> requries warnings to be explicitly enabled (e.g., via a tool, 
> or an environment variable, or
> something) would help reduce the burden on the downstream developer.

I think it's more then "future cleanliness". My goal is to reuse 
as much as we can. This means, if we deprecate 
"zope.app.form.browser.interface.ITerms". And other developer 
will follow this refactoring and implement some nice components
which provide some ITerms goodies. We can use this new addon
packages in zope.app.form free projects.

If they ignore our cleanup and will still import the ITerms
from zope.app.form.browser.interfaces. We can't use this
packages without the get the dependency back. And that hurts.

I think such cleanup ar not optional and only a nice thing.
Such cleanup allow us to participate on the same base.

And since BBB support is given (with a minimal deprecation
warning sideeffect) I think this is the best what we can do.

Roger Ineichen

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