Gary Poster <> schrieb:

> Hi Thomas.  Very cool that you are working on zc.dict + zc.blist.

Better than letting that branch get old ;o)

> The updateOrder API is a sucky API for blists, as I'm sure you've  
> realized. :-)

It is sucky even when used with a PersistentList; it's just that the
disadvantages of its implementation are more obvious in the context of

> FWIW, I seem to recall that Plone has a reasonable-to-nice API for  
> changing order in containers, and the API would be able to take much  
> better advantage of using blists for the ordering.  I was intending to  
> study that when I designed the new API (even if the Plone API were  
> perfect, I would be wary of copying it because of GPL vs. ZPL, but  
> maybe you could get them to relicense if you wanted it).

I'll take a look at that, thanks for the pointer.

> You'd probably still want to keep updateOrder around, I guess, since  
> that's the Zope 3 interface, but I would have documentation  
> discouraging it.

Yes, and I think that we're talking about two steps here anyway. I'd
like to finish and release a version that uses BLists ASAP; an
additional API can always be added in a subsequent release.

Viele Grüße,

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