2008/12/28 Chris McDonough <chr...@plope.com>:
> Dan Korostelev wrote:

> - I'm tempted to ditch the case normalization feature of keyword indexes.  
> This
> is actually the application's job; there's no guarantee that values that are
> passed by the app will be strings.  I'm not sure that anyone has actually used
> keyword indexes, as their results could not until now be intersected with the
> results from any other index so there don't appear to be any backwards
> compatibility goals to service here (KeywordIndexes appeared to be abandonware
> until we paid attention to them).

I agree that the normalization feature of KeywordIndex can stay in the
way sometimes, but I personally find it useful for simple cases. I'd
made a base class that doesn't do any normalization and a subclass
that does (it's the reverse currently). I doubt as well that there's
someone who are using KeywordIndex in its current state, but I'm not
sure that we can just refactor things so it will break backward
compatibility even in this case. I'd like to hear more community
thoughts on that.

> - Likewise, I don't think there are are any consumers of topicindexes, for the
> same reasons, so the "read on write" upgrade in FilteredSetBase should 
> probably
> go. Users that have pickles around which are still IISets can do a migration.

Here's the same question as above. I really don't like the write on
read repickle that I did in FilteredSetBase for migrating to IFSet.

We could write a paragraph explaining those changes and how to adapt
current data/code for those people who uses current
KeywordIndex/TopicIndex, if there are any of them.

WBR, Dan Korostelev
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