Shane Hathaway wrote:
> Chris Withers wrote:
>> Now, you could, for example, then do:
>> IFieldType([])
>> ...which should return None.
> I don't understand your example: what is a field type, 

It's a shortened naem for "Type of Field Value", as I said, it could 
arguably be called IFieldValue, or maybe even IValue or IValueType...

> and why is None 
> somehow a valid field type?

None occurs quite often as a default value for fields and types of 
fields. (like NULL in relational databases).

This is all interesting discussion, but I'd *really* like to know why 
subclassing an interface when the C-based implentation is in use doesn't 

Does *anyone* actually know the answer to this?
(rather than avoiding it by trying to make the problem something else ;-) )



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