On Fri, 2009-01-09 at 11:05 +0000, Chris Withers wrote:

> I can't. The testrunner is already there and buildout-based development 
> makes it trivial to run. svn already does the patch creation for you:
> $ svn diff
> > be able to get past that bit. Perhaps a kind Zope dev will pick up on
> > this.
> Unlikely with his attitude...
> Chris

Hi Chris,

Thanks for keeping the thread alive so I can continue on the road to
how to solve this problem. 

I DID submit a patch suggestion in the Launchpad bug report.  

What I am not sure are, with this fix, about are the possible other
implications to the rest of the zope.schema package.

I would also like for you to explain just what it is about my "attitude"
that you find so offensive/problematic?  

I traced down and described the problem to the function level.  I
suggested a fix and asked for experts to review and apply it.  I do not
have (and am not qualified to have) commit access to ZCA source. 

So again, referring to the subject line.  What are the next steps?


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