Previously Tres Seaver wrote:
> Andreas Jung wrote:
> > - removing  ZClasses completely
> - -0.  I don't want to invest effort in maintaining them, but if they are
> still working for people in 2.11, I don't think we need to rip them out.


There is a whole lot of legacy code surrounding Zope startup and the
persistent control panel that is only there to support ZClasses.
Removing them would allow for a lot of further cleanups in a
particularly crufty part of the Zope2 codebase.

> > - how do to a "traditional" SVN checkout of the Zope 2 and the related
> >   Zope 3 modules? The Zope2.buildout maintains its dependencies through
> >   a KGS - the old-style SVN checkout uses svn:external. I think there
> >   is a need for having both and don't know of a save way for keeping
> >   the svn:externals and the KGS in sync (without additional manual
> >   effort).
> I'm actually willing to abandon the "big tree" altogether, unless
> somebody comes up with a clever way to automate it from some Z2-specific
> KGS index.  I think the canonical "source install" would be something
> like a tarball of a buildout tree, with the 'download-cache' directory
> already populated (maybe).

Judging by the awesome lack of interest in a Zope 3 big tree release, and
observing that Zope 2 is going down a similar eggification path I see no
reason to keep a big tree for Zope 2 long term.


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