Andreas Jung wrote:
> On 21.01.2009 14:55 Uhr, Andreas Jung wrote:
>> - complete eggification (apparently pretty much done)

I tried to make an old-style full-tarball release yesterday and ran into
a problem. The in the created tarball references the 'src'
folder in some steps, which isn't available in the full-tarball release
(it's all in old lib/python). As is also used for the cmmi
dance, you couldn't build or install from the generated tarball.

At least the idea so far has been to replace the Zope2 SVN trunk in its
current form with the Zope2-egg structure at which point the above needs
to work.

> We have to define what "eggification" means exactly. By now the
> Zope2.buildout seems to work fine with Python 2.4-2.6. I think
> we want to see Zope2 being easy_install-able. This means basically:
>  - a source code release of Zope 2 can be done using (python2.X
> sdist (upload)
>  - a user can easy_install Zope 2 from PyPI
> Hurdle:
>  - defines all dependencies without version information
>    (which is kept in the versions-zope2|3.cfg files. In order
>    to make the version information available information I added
>    the "" file to the Zope2.buildout/trunk codebase
>    (for experimenting). However this approach does not work with
>    the dev packages like Also working with
> zc.sourcerelease won't solve this issue. Any idea how to deal
>    with that?

We just need new releases for all those packages. I'm willing to do
those, but need PyPi access to all of them [1]. I asked Stephan Richter
in a private mail for that already. If someone else can provide me with
access, that would be awesome :)

As a second step I think we should at least provide the versions.cfg
file in a public well defined location. Zope3 has this as and Plone has

If we can make it part of the release process to make the versions.cfg
file available at maybe:

that would be a good first step. I see value in a simple minimal index
like Zope3 has in but
that needs someone to figure out the exact process to maintain it.


[1] zope.copypastemove, zope.dublincore, zope.formlib, zope.sendmail,

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