we are holding a mini sprint at Marijn Faassen's place this week with
the main goal of reducing dependencies between Zope packages.
One result of this effort is that now the non-ZMI parts of
zope.app.container have been factored out into zope.container, and
only the ZMI-related bits (zope.app.container.browser) and
zope.app.container.interfaces.IAdding remain there.
(Martijn Faassen just blogged a visually appealing explanation of why
this was a Good Thing(tm) to do.)

We did this refactoring in a backwards-compatible way, so all symbols
can still be imported from their old location, and there are no
deprecation warnings, either, but still -- zope.app.container is
deprecated as of now (except of course for the .browser and IAdding

We've combed through (most of) svn.zope.org and updated referencing
packages accordingly, but if you find something that we've missed (or
import from zope.app.container in your own packages), please update it
at your convenience.
(Christian Theune will be adding import checking functionality to
zope.testing's testrunner that can aid in detecting moved imports,
this might be helpful for finding such things.)

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