Roger Ineichen wrote:
> First, thanks to the great refactoring work! 
> Can someone give a summary about what got moved or is there 
> another way to find out what I need to change in z3c and own
> packages?
> I guess there must be an update strategy since we skipped the 
> deprecation message which I don't know. or not?

Basically I gave a description of what the major changes were:

zope.app.folder -> zope.site (for Folder), zope.container (for base 
class to implement Folder, not typically to import from though)

zope.app.container -> zope.container

This information is also in the changelog of these packages and these 
packages have undergone major (x.Y.z) releases.

I think perhaps the zope3docs area should contain a document about major 
changes in the whole collection of Zope 3 libraries with this kind of 

I think documentation of major changes is actually an upgrade strategy 
that we shouldn't ignore as a project. This is often better than seeing 
isolated deprecation warnings which sometimes even neglect to say what 
people should be doing, let alone why. A document can do so better.

In order to get hints about "better" import locations the test runner 
(trunk) contains an option to let it report this information (you 
imported something from here but in turn that actually comes from 
somewhere else). This tool is not perfect (it cannot report on instances 
being imported, only classes and functions) but should be useful in 
finding hints of better import locations. It doesn't depend on the 
deprecation system. Christian Theune should be able to tell people more 
about this tool.



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