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> Date: Mon Feb  2 20:51:41 EST 2009
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It becomes somewhat hard and annoying to keep the old full Zope trunk
tree based on externals in sync with the Zope2 buildout and its KGS
definition and it seems I failed yesterday.

I'd suggest we reorganize the Zope trunk and replace it by the current
buildout. As part of that we can move the code that has been moved to
its own projects like Acquisition and DateTime out of the main tree.

I'd volunteer to do this work if nobody objects.

Stefan checked in a new alltests.cfg into the buildout, that lets him
run the tests for all direct dependencies of Zope2 in much the same way
as we did run all tests for the full package tree before. So we
shouldn't loose test coverage of the entire Zope2 release.


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