The README.txt of zc.copy says that the components, provided by this
package is apropriate for inclusion in Zope itself.

The package provides a more pluggable mechanism for copying generic
persistent objects (not only ILocation's) as well as a way to register
post-copy hooks to be executed, which is very useful, for example when
dealing with persistent objects that have non-ZODB bits (like
filesystem based files related and so on). However, the package is
really small and mostly contains modified copies of
zope.copypastemove's ObjectCopier and zope.location's locationCopy.

So, I propose to merge the zc.copy package's changes with original
zope.copypastemove/zope.location and deprecate it. If noone objects,
I'll do that myself.

WBR, Dan Korostelev
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