Tres Seaver wrote:
> Charlie Clark wrote:
>> Am 12.02.2009 um 14:45 schrieb yuppie:
>>>       install_requires=[
>>>         'setuptools',
>>>         'Zope2 >=',
>>>       ],
>>> Is that the right way to resolve that issue? Could it cause any  
>>> trouble
>>> if I would check in that change?
>> I'm not that familiar with Buildout but I would have thought that any  
>> direct import dependencies should be listed - and zope.location  
>> doesn't seem to be (neither are zope.event or for that  
>> matter). OTOH the condition >= seems to be being incorrectly  
>> interpreted. If this is a bug then it should be filed.
> The transitive dependencies of another dependency don't need to be
> listed:  the problem Yuppie was fixing was a set of over-specific
> dependencies, now redundant in the new, egg-centric world of Zope 2.12.
> I think another fix would be to move the Zope2 import to the top of the
> list, so that its own, more specific dependencies would be installed
> first:  however, I don't see much win over Yuppie's fix.

My main reason for specifying all direct dependencies of any package
(and not just the Zope2 one) is that relying on transitive dependencies
can cause trouble later on.

For example:

Package A depends on Zope2 (2.12)
Package A depends on
Zope2 2.12 depends on

You could specify that package A only depends on Zope2.

But what if Zope2 2.13 does no longer depend on

Suddenly you try to install Package A and import statements for break.

With it is probably easier to see how such a package
could be removed later on (say it has been renamed to zope.foobar or
split into multiple packages) but it really can happen to any package.

In a package based world, if you specify a dependency on a package, you
can in my opinion only rely on the package contents itself to be there.
You cannot rely on its dependencies to stay around.

Zope2 the package is no different in this. Chances are that
zope.location will stay a dependency of Zope2 for a long time, but for
other packages it is far less clear. My answer to this is to always
specify all direct dependencies.


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