On Feb 19, 2009, at 12:43 PM, Tres Seaver wrote:
>> Exactly .  As I mentioned in the previous post, sorting is the *key*
>> here.  [Pun intended].
>> Grouping (python, zope., myapp. modules order), or non-grouping,
>> becomes a non-issue when imports are sorted.
>> +1
> - -1.  I prefer the PEP8 grouping, where "stdlib" imports are  
> separated
> from "dependecy" imports, which are separated from "local" imports.
> Note that this is *not* subjective (an import is unambiguously in
> exaclty one of those three classifications.)

If you read my previous post, you'll see that I also prefer PEP-8 style.


What I argued and gave +1 for is that *sorting* is the most important  
requirement.  I explained the details in the previous post.

> - -1, especially in heavily-namespaced libraries: I vastly prefer from
> imports to the noise of repeating the module path everywhere.  A one
> chearacter search ('*' or '#') normally finds the import for me, which
> makes the repetition useless.

By the character mentioned it seems you use Vim.
Arguably, one can use another key press in Vim for name completion  
during typing.  :-)

Seeing where the name comes from during the code review  (or when  
reading a diff), without having to press that key is important to some  

Personally, I am used to finding such things in an editor using tags,  
because, for example, in C programming, one cannot use namespace  
qualifiers anyway and the names can come from any other file in a  
large project.

Such topics are obviously too subjective and sometimes defended too  
passionately.  I _tried_ to argue in my original post linked above  
that such discussions are not productive.  I can adapt to any style  
and believe that the fine grain details should not be dogmatically  
enforced but rather allow for variations in such subjective preferences.

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