Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
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> On Feb 21, 2009, at 08:55 , Andreas Jung wrote:
>> - - are there any legal issues with the design & layout in case we  
>> want to
>> make modifications? I know that the designer of theme
>> made some trouble when it came to discussion about the briefs and
>> donouts on the frontpage.
> Yes there are. In essence, do not use the design, period.
> Here are the reasons I had for voting against continuing
>   - the design is not free and re-usable
>   - the designer has stopped providing any support for the design, and  
> the person who found and tasked the designer with the design work,  
> Jodok, has given up on the whole issue because he is frustrated as well
>   - the website structure and presentation is too Zope 3-centric.  
> Zope2 is basically hidden away. IMHO this may reflect the original  
> creators' thinking, but doesn't reflect the world out there, which  
> still uses mainly Zope2.
>   - no one has given any thought to migration issues (old URLs will  
> fail, users with login will complain that there is no login  
> anymore)
> The ZF board vote was to stop supporting the project on the current  
> path. Everyone still wants to see a new site, but this  
> particular project wasn't going anywhere anymore. Several project  
> managers came, spent much effort trying to make it work, and left  
> again. It's better to start with a clean slate, and maybe with a  
> smaller set of goals.

I wasn't aware of this vote, but I'm happy to abide by it. I think they 
are sensible decisions. I also think that the Zope world and the role of 
Zope 3 and eggs and all that has changed in the last year to the point 
where some of the original vision (and the role of Grok etc) is not 
necessarily correct.


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