2009/3/2 Tres Seaver <tsea...@palladion.com>:
>>> -<include package="zope.file"/>
>> I believe people still use the ZCML "slug" files like the above.
> They certainly aren't related to 'zpkg'.  The intent of the slugs was to
> allow for something like 'sites-available' / 'sites-enabled' (the
> pattern in a stock Debian Apache2 install).
> I think it is particularly unfortunate to remove support for explicit,
> granular configuration at the same time as folks seem to be jumping to
> implicit (aka "majyk") tools.
> Please revert this part of the change.

I just reverted the change, however, I don't think that the "slug"
files are useful anymore.

They were used when we had "the zope3 application server" and we
plugged some components into it, like sites are plugged into debian
apache/nginx setups, but now-a-days, when it seems that most people
just build their own applications using their custom app configuration
files, I don't think that there's much sense for package-includes for
including components like zope.file. I can think of a use for
package-includes for some CMS application that include "website
configuration" (like debian apache), but not the "component

WBR, Dan Korostelev
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