I find this thread quite ironic.

Martijn Faassen recognizes a problem, namely that there is no
direction in Zope development. Instead, when ideas are put forth lots
of people put in their oar with +1s and -1s and stop energy and cheer
leading one direction or another. In the end the ideas either get
pushed through by determined contributors or (more often) they die.

The irony is that the proposed solution, organized leadership, is
going to suffer the same fate as the aforementioned ideas. Everyone is
putting in their oar, +1s and -1s are flying right, left and centre,
and this idea is either going to die, or Martijn will have to push it
through and implement it. No one else seems enthusiastic enough to
make this happen outright, there is no clear direction.

So to me, the least this thread does is to prove that the flagged
problem does exist. And so far I haven't heard any better ideas than
what Martijn is proposing (no, leaving the status quo, deny there is a
problem and steer by majority is not a counter proposal in my view).
It may be that the idea needs some tweaking, but that's just details.

Would it be possible to focus this discussion around clearer lines?
Create counter proposals if you have to, discuss things on their
merits, but if you cannot add more than a vague +1 and -1, please

Martijn Pieters
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