On 3/2/09 6:36 PM, Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Hi there,
> To people who are suggesting we don't need a steering group nor a name
> for the Zope Framework, please answer the following questions:
> * how will the community make hard decisions where lots of people
> disagree? What is the mechanism for making hard decisions? Don't say Jim
> makes them because as you may have noticed Jim *hasn't* been making so
> many of those in recent times. We need to solve this problem.

Ultimately I think I agree with Chris's position.  I think the days are 
past when we could commit to the success of an overarching Uberthing, be 
it a macroframework, platform, or app server.  Rather than commit your 
reserves in a desperate attempt to win the battle, you withdraw to avoid 
losing your whole army.

That notwithstanding, if "Zope" is still the goal, I endorse Martijn's 
proposal.  Like Gary said, it's admirable that he's taking a shot at 
this and we should bite our tongues on quibbling.

In the past we've seen things like "let's unify Zope by merging the 
Zope2 and Zope3 mailing lists" get shot down by a couple of loud "no" 
votes.  Loud no's have grown paralyzing.  If Martijn's proposal gets 
traction, then perhaps we have a way around them.


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