Hey Gary,

[panarchist approach where we have people starting groups that could 
compete for attention]

I agree that it should be relatively easy to start "Zope" projects under 
the Zope umbrella.

I agree that such projects could compete for attention and may the best 
one win.

I think this is what's more or less already happening anyway, and I 
think it's great and it makes me appreciative of open source and Zope's 
component oriented culture that makes it possible.

We can't just fork everything and branch off into our direction 
everywhere however; these projects will share a common codebase.

This common codebase needs to be managed and have a direction, taking as 
inputs the needs of the projects using them.

Gary Poster wrote:
> Moreover, if you are willing to step up and declare that you are  
> starting something called the "Zope Framework" that manages a known  
> good set of code, and you hope other projects and people join in and  
> help, that makes sense to me.  

The open source mantra: "those who take responsibility get responsibility"

I agree very much with that.

It might be we are able to establish a "framework team" without 
elections by just picking out the bunch of people who are interested in 
this. Of course if we have a significant fraction of our community who 
disagrees with the authority to make decisions for larger changes in 
these components, we still have a problem. Two diverging branches of the 
same package doesn't seem to be a maintainable situation; at some point 
someone is going to make a release with a single version number.

That's why I don't think I or anyone else can just "do it" without 
reaching a bit of wider consensus first. I think we have a transition 
problem to get from where we are now, where everybody and nobody is 
recognized, to a generally recognized group with some authority to make 
decisions where needed and provide guidance that should be taken into 

 > With what I've seen on the Grok list,
 > you can do a great job as a project leader, generally being positive,
 > open, and motivating.

Thanks! I have my flaws, but I try to be aware of them. :)



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