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Lennart Regebro wrote:
> And it is in any case in no way even remotely connected to the group
> Martijn proposed and has been discussed in this thread.

Of course it is connected. The Zope Framework needs leadership that can 

- bless efforts by individuals and subgroups that want to take care of 
particular areas.

- help with the coordination between individuals and groups that want to 
make changes. The Steering Group will need to keep an overview of what 
is going on so they can help point out points where coordination is 

- mark status (deprecation ,etc) of particular packages that are part of 
the Zope Framework. Note that the Zope Steering group is not about 
packages that are not in the framework, so if lovely.remotetask isn't 
there, it can say little. The idea is to limit the things that Zope 
Framework is about so we can take better care of it. Hopefully it can 
provide the infrastructure and encouragement so that others will do this 
work however. How this will turn out is a bit of a gray area.

- Individual systems such as Grok, Zope 3, Zope 2 and repoze.bfg each 
provide their own complete "programming experience". The Zope Framework 
is at best only part of this experience, but it *is* a part of the 
experience. We could for instance provide a website with documentation 
about framework packages that individual projects could refer to.

- Attracting newbies to web development is not a task of the Zope 
Framework project directly, and here I diverge from Hermann. That's a 
task of the Plone project or the Grok project, etc. I do think that the 
Zope Framework leadership could be much better at attracting and 
stimulating contributions to the libraries.

Attracting more users is important, but that's a task for the Zope 3 app 
server developers (however they organize) or the Grok project. The Zope 
Framework is a second-level provider to these projects, and in reality 
of course people who care about these projects will do most of the 
driving of development of the Zope Framework. It's a forum where all 
users of these libraries (many or just a few) can get together, work out 
our diverse interests, and coordinate.



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