Hi people!

As a part of zope.app.security refactoring process, I extracted local
(persistent) permissions to new "zope.localpermission". And I faced
one problem and I'm not sure about its resolution.

Originally, I wanted to only move the "zope.Public" permission
declaration into zope.security, because that permission name is
special and always available. As for other permissions
(zope.View/zope.Security/zope.ManageContent, etc.), I wanted to just
leave them in zope.app.security as is.

But security declarations for the "LocalPermission" class in
zope.localpermission needs the "zope.Security" permission. Also, some
of those permissions are used much in other zope.* packages for zcml
security declarations.

So, I wonder what should we do with this. One variant that seems nice
to me is to create a package, called like "zope.genericpermissions"
and place there the zcml file with permission definitions. I believe
that not all permissions are used (for example, what's
zope.ManageBindings?), so we could select only truly generic and
needed permissions and leave the rest in zope.app.security.


Oh, and on the topic, one more time: can we have a steering group
decision on the package requirements for zcml statements? Are we doing
extras for them or simply skipping them?

WBR, Dan Korostelev
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