Hey, people!

The refactoring of zope.app.security is now almost done. There's still
some polishing work to do and two little issues to resolve. One of
them is the zope's "common permissions". Most of zope.* and zope.app.*
(and other) packages define some security protections for their
classes and views using common permission names defined in

We decided to move those permission definitions to a separate and
excludable/overridable zcml file to zope.security, so packages that
use them would't need to install anything additional. But we want only
generic and useful permissions to be a part of "common set", so we
need to select ones from zope.app.security.

Currently, zope.app.security defines these permissions (not counting
zope.Public, that already migrated to zope.security):

 - zope.View
 - zope.Security
 - zope.ManageContent
 - zope.ManageBindings
 - zope.ManageCode
 - zope.ManageServices
 - zope.ManageSite
 - zope.ManagePrincipals
 - zope.ManageApplication

Permissions, that needs to be in a common set (IMHO), mostly because
it's used by current zope.* packages:

 - zope.View
 - zope.ManageContent
 - zope.Security
 - zope.ManageServices
 - zope.ManageSite

To be honest, I don't quite get the difference between zope.ManageSite
and zope.ManageServices. Can someone clear this point for me? May be
they should be merged somehow.

Permissions that can stay in zope.app.security, and reasons:

 - zope.ManageBindings - What's that? I can't find any usage of it.

 - zope.ManagePrincipals - That looks like it was intended for
something like zope.app.authentication, but zope.ManageServices is
used there instead.

 - zope.ManageCode - I guess it's intended for TTW development that's
not used/developed much and even discouraged now-a-days? If so, I
believe that it can stay in zope.app.security.

 - zope.ManageApplication - Looks like it's intended for and used
mostly in "zope.app.applicationcontrol" which has more to do with
"zope3, the application server", than the "zope.framework".

WBR, Dan Korostelev
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