Andreas Jung wrote at 2009-3-15 08:56 +0100:
> ...
>On 15.03.2009 8:36 Uhr, Dieter Maurer wrote:
>> The documentation on "PyPI" tells to look into "doc/INSTALL.txt"
>> to find installation instructions.
>> However, "doc" is not installed by the standard "easy_install" process.
>> Therefore, it is not so easy to find it.
>> Relevant documentation should be installed by the standard "easy_install"
>> process (it should be part of the installed egg).
>All related docs are available from our new place:

Hint: then the "PyPI" page should get considerable overhaul:

  *  It should point to "";.
     Instead, it currently points to "";
     where no current installation instructions can be found

  *  It should indicate that unlike natural expectation, the packagers
     of the Zope2 egg decided to put the installation instructions
     not into the eggs but instead on the internet.
     And as this is a new place, a link there would be appropriate.

  *  Maybe, it should warn people agaist "easy_install"ing "Zope2" -- as
     the developers did not yet care much about this distribution way
     and the installed egg may not work.

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