Dan Korostelev wrote:
> Thinking now. If we want local persistent permissions to be considered
> dead and we want to discourage their usage, may be the package should
> be called "zope.app.localpermission" then? If so, we could also move
> its ZMI views there and forget about that package. :) It's just
> because "zope.localpermission" name sounds like "some nice part of
> zope framework", but in reality, the functionality provided by the
> package is deprecated for use withing _the framework_.

You're right, we shouldn't be calling it zope.localpermission.

Perhaps we shouldn't be calling it zope.app.localpermission either 
though, as this implies this package can be mined for useful bits.

But I don't want a naming discussion, so I think we should go for your 
suggestion now (zope.app.localpermission which also has the ZMI).

> But, do we really want it deprecated and dead? May be there's some
> nice use cases for it? Anyone?

At best right now it can serve as example code on how to accomplish 
this. I can imagine some kind of mythical future ZMI the Next Generation 
project that would need this. But we cannot afford to care about such 
mythical future projects as a community, so we should consider it dead. 
We'll see the fact that nobody but me answered your question as good 
evidence for this.



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