Am 11.03.2009 um 21:26 schrieb Dan Korostelev:
> 2009/3/11 Martijn Faassen <>:
>>> Oh, and on the topic, one more time: can we have a steering group
>>> decision on the package requirements for zcml statements? Are we  
>>> doing
>>> extras for them or simply skipping them?
>> Sorry, I wasn't clear that there was an open question and I'm  
>> afraid I
>> don't understand this one. :)
>> Could you point me to the appropriate thread that was left in the
>> middle, or could you start a new thread with a description of the  
>> open
>> question?
> I'm too lazy now to search in archives, so I'll just describe again.
> For example, the zope.password package only requires zope.interface to
> be functional. But it's configure.zcml contains directives that need
> zope.component (or repoze.zcml) and Also, the zcml
> thing itself needs zope.configure as well. Should we mention it in
> extra dependencies somehow or just document it, saying that zcml is
> intented to be used in more zope3-ish environment that already has
> needed packages, so others can simply ignore these files.

zope.container has a similar problem: its configure.zcml uses  
zope:view directives. When I'd like to use zope.container in a Zope 3  
the application server environment I have to know that zope:view is  
defined in or I have to find it out. There is no  
dependency, not test and no documentation mentioning this inside  

I think that's bad as it makes it more difficult to learn Zope for new  

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