I would like to chime in here on the zcml

I have managed to get a core stack of zope3 running on gae
had to hack a lot of zope.security and zope.proxy to get it there, but
it all works quite well

I found I had to ignore zope.configuration to get most of the base
stack working because the default configure.zcml in most packages
introduced a lot of dependancies that weren't always necessary at
least for me.

In most cases I manually and selectively setup a whole lot of
provideAdapter setups
to get a minimal working set,

Later I found I went back to get a minimal zope.configuration going,
becuase it became way to much effort to register all of the base
z3c.form components (widgets, dataconverters and terms) that I wanted

How is this relevant to to discussion,

 I found reading the unit tests didn't really enlighten me how many of
the packages should be registered in the broader framework
and had to rely on the zcml to work it out,  however the zcml often
pulled in dependancies that where not obvious from other packages
because the various registrations and order of registrations that are
performed in a normal zope deployment.

This means the zcml is pretty important description of how the
components are used in the broader context,
it also means I think tests that are dependant on the zcml
registration working is important,
however the downside is the zcml does usually bring in things like
browser views, which you may not want
and so need to then gut some of the zml.

Just my 2c worth


P.S. Sorry about the top posting, I though I was subscribed to the
list, but wasn't so didn't have the original posting to reply to
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