Martijn Faassen wrote:
> x.y.z is a bugfix release. If we do it right, there will be no change in 
> the API and only small changes in misbehavior. Therefore it seems far 
> less likely to me that a package ends *needing* to depend on a minimum 
> version. 

I don't agree. If your package hsa bugs reported by its users, and the 
bug is caused by a bug in a dependent package, the bugfix release of 
your package might well be just to add a test and then change a 
requirement from, saya, >=1.3 to >=1.3.2.

> Anyway, I'm closing this discussion for now as we are going to try it 
> for feature releases for a while, see how that goes. 

Oh, sorry, reading and replying from top to bottom of this thread so 
only just seen this.



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