Am Tue, 24 Mar 2009 10:26:08 +0100 schrieb Wolfgang Schnerring:
> I'd like to extend zc.recipe.cmmi to support shared build directories.
> Use case example: we use lxml in a lot of our projects, which currently
> means having to build libxml and libxslt over and over again, since the
> buildout needs to be standalone and thus can't depend on them being
> installed on the system. But while that's a necessity for deployment,
> it's really annoying for development.

So build once and use often, we do this i.e. for ldap by compiling in a 
separate buildout located in /opt/openldap and then have a section in the 
specific buildout like:

recipe = zc.recipe.egg:custom
egg = python-ldap
include-dirs  = 
library-dirs  = 
rpath = 

> Plan of attack:
> Introduce an option "shared" (defaults to False). If that is set, a)
> calculate HASH as a hash of the recipe's current options (e. g.
> configure parameters, environment variables) b) perform the cmmi in
> ${buildout:download-cache}/cmmi/build/<HASH>, if that directory is not
> present yet. (Probably needs a little thought about how to differentiate
> between "present and has a complete build" and "present but we errored
> out")
> Any thoughts?

sounds good to me, it would simplify our infrastructure a lot. important 
is the hash: it needs to include all parameters, environment et al passed 
to the cmmi.


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