Paul Winkler wrote:
> Well, yeah. The point of the suggestion was specifically to help you
> get more info about the dependency chain, since pip is more verbose
> about that than easy_install is.

Well, running buildout -vvvvv gives some good clues, a piece of which is 

Getting required ''
   required by 3.5.1.
   required by 3.6.0.
   required by 3.6.0.
We have the best distribution that satisfies ''.
Picked: = 3.7.0

Okay, cute, but WHY is 3.7.0 being picked, rather than the 3.6.0 that's 
nailed down in zope2 2.12.0a1's!

These: 3.5.1. 3.6.0. 3.6.0.

...are all in the 2.12.0a1

...and none of them specify any version for, so again, 
I'm left wondering why buildout is picking 3.7.0 in 
direct contradiction to the 3.6.0 specced in zope2 2.12.0a1's


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