Martijn Faassen wrote:
> KGS is two things:
> * KGS the software
> * KGS the concept
> KGS the concept will have a life outside of the Zope world.

I stand by my predication that even the KGS concept will never make it 
beyond Zope...

> KGS the 
> concept is very easy to implement; you just make available on some URL a 
> buildout versions.cfg, or you run your own package index.

OK, the former I can see happening on an end-user project, the latter is 
just too much work.

> I'll note that buildout seems to be clawing to a life outside of the 
> Zope world; I know of several Django users that adopted it. It'd be much 
> more popular if we had a good bunch of beginner level tutorials for it.

I promised to deliver this, and will do as soon as I get to that point 
in my work stack...

> Anyway, we've already decided to use dependencies for API 
> compatibility. That's the best you're going to get out of us for a while.

Good :-)


(although it's sad to note that Zope 2.12 can't be made to work without 
a KGS-like list :-/)

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