On Apr 3, 2009, at 2:14 PM, Chris Rossi wrote:

> On Fri, Apr 3, 2009 at 1:55 PM, Gary Poster <gary.pos...@gmail.com>  
> wrote:
> How would that be a win for you (or anybody else) over just putting  
> the constant in the interfaces module?
> Standard practice seems to favor putting several interfaces in a  
> single "interfaces" module, so just putting the constants in the  
> module doesn't make it explicit that these constants go with a  
> particular interface.  Putting them on the interface itself makes  
> the relationship plain.

True.  FWIW, I usually do that in the text of the interface if I need  
to, but I absolutely see where you are coming from.

> If it is in the interface, that implies we need to "implement" it  
> someplace--the constant will be defined in the interface and in the  
> implementation?  Or we would offer automation to copy the values  
> over from the interface to objects that implement the interface?
> Thanks for bringing that up.  I hadn't considered that.  In  
> languages with built-in interface support, classes generally  
> inherent constants from the interface, so automatically copying the  
> values over would seem to make sense.  Although it's also considered  
> best practice in those languages to refer to the constants by their  
> interface anyway, so one could argue that such a step could be  
> omitted.  Zope's implementation of interfaces is unique among  
> implementations I know about, in allowing programmers to mark live  
> objects with an interface, which would introduce an interesting edge  
> case with regards to copying constants over.  I'd say if the  
> implementation gets too polluted with edge cases, it's probably not  
> worth it.


> Using descriptors, the results could be both static and immutable.
> Mostly static and immutable, anyway. :-)  In Python, there's almost  
> always a way around absolutes like that unless you are working with  
> something in which the constraint has been coded in C.
> Right, but since we have descriptors, why not use them?  Maybe I  
> should have used the Colbertian "immutablish".

:-) Yeah, ok.

> I don't have my heart set on this.  I found a use case today and was  
> just thinking about ways to satisfy it.

If there's a reasonable story for the connection between interfaces  
and the objects providing them (that is, what we talked about above),  
then I wouldn't object.  I don't know what that reasonable story might  
be, though.


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