Hello Martin,

I think 1.9 is a definite candidate for bugfixes because it is
included right now in KGS 3.4, that means it should be the stable on.

2.0 depends already on features of some packages of the trunk.
(I asked also myself whether that's a good thing, because 1.9 is so
ancient and 2.0 does not work with KGS 3.4)

I would make a branch from the
tag, do the bugfix and make the release as 1.9.1.


Sunday, April 5, 2009, 1:15:06 PM, you wrote:

MA> Hi,

MA> Today, I found a bug in ChoiceTerms: it will only bind the field if 
MA> field.vocabulary is None, which breaks uses of an IContextSourceBinder.

MA> I thought to fix that in svn, but there's no 1.9.x branch, and 2.0 
MA> (trunk) is a very different beast.

MA> Tracking 2.0 trunk is not an option right now. I couldn't even get Zope
MA> to start up with 2.0 trunk, which is depending on lots of 3.5.x packages
MA> that I can't get to work with Zope.

MA> So, for now, I've made do with a monkey patch, but that's obviously not
MA> ideal. So:

MA>   - When will we see a 2.0 release? I asked that question months ago, 
MA> but I'm not sure if we're any closer?

MA>   - What do we do with the 1.9.x line?

MA> Cheers,
MA> Martin

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