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Jim Fulton wrote:
> On Apr 8, 2009, at 11:29 PM, Tres Seaver wrote:
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>> Martin Aspeli wrote:
>>> Wichert Akkerman wrote:
>>>> To stir things up: I would like to suggest renumbering the next  
>>>> Zope 2
>>>> release to Zope 4. That reflects the large refactoring that is being
>>>> done to clean up the codebase and fully eggify Zope. There are  
>>>> enough
>>>> changes to warrant a new major version bump.
>>> -100 again. We need to stop confusing people!
>>> The only way we could do this would be if we definitely, 100%,
>>> with-an-axe killed off any notion of Zope 3 as an app server or
>>> application development framework and told everyone "the thing you  
>>> need
>>> to be using if you like Zope, is this Zope thing that's basically  
>>> Zope
>>> 2.14).
> No.  It would only mean that there was one Zope application thing  
> (pluggabel application platform ...)


>> We already have:  "Le roi est mort, vive le roi!" and all that.  Jim  
>> has pronounced Zope3^H^H^H^HDecoy DOA.
> No. I was only referring to the Zope 2 wanna-be application  
> implemented with Zope 3.

That is what I meant. For branding purposes (what this discussion si
about) we would like to avoid using "Zope3" as a name for what is left,
beecause it implies "successor to Zope2".

> I certainly think the components that such an application is made of,  
> including application-server components have a long and happy life  
> ahead of them.
>> Nobody is every going to care about
>> Zope3-the-appserver, as opposed to "the-libraries-harvested-from- 
>> Zope3" (at least, the folks who might care are a tiny minority for branding
>> purposes).
> I don't think the term "app server" is crisp. To me "app server" !=  
> pluggable application.

Right.  There exist hoops we make typical Z2 applications jump through,
mostly unrelated to the real requirements for the app:  those hoops are
to make the app "play nice" inside the "bean^W^W^Wapplication container"
which is the ZMI.

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