Roger Ineichen wrote:
>> Betreff: [Zope-dev] who wants to maintain Zope 3?
>> Is anyone interested in maintaining Zope 3?

/me is certainly not

>> With Zope 3 I mean:
> I think we should take a look if we can build a minimal 
> setup which Plone, Grok and other projects can use. Do you think
> there could be such a based configuration? Or is there to much
> difference in each of Plone, Grok, repoze etc?

The "minimal setup" is called Zope Toolkit. None of the mentioned
projects is interested in any of the Zope 3 packages, except where those
are still tied into the whole.

>> If nobody is interested, we should perhaps stop talking about 
>> it entirely. If people are just interested in the ZMI, 
>> perhaps we should form a ZMI project.

+1, to declaring Zope 3 dead. That should allow us to refactor the
remaining packages much more aggressively and reduce the dependencies.

> The question is, can we find browser page pattern which Grok,
> Plone, repoze and others can use? Everybody needs to have at
> least management views for manage the components they install
> in some ways. So the question is not if we skip the ZMI or not.

I don't see any example where something in this direction could be
shared. The entire model of "context/@@standard_macros" to provide a
unified look and feel hasn't worked out, from what I can tell.

On the technical side at least Plone is going to switch over to
Chameleon as its page template story and use Grok patterns for building
pages. I don't think this kind of buy-in is something everyone else is
willing to share.


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