Martin Aspeli wrote at 2009-4-12 18:31 +0800:
> ...
>  3) Change the Permission class in AccessControl so that it tries to 
>look up an IPermission utility and use the title of that utility as the 
>permission name, falling back on the current behaviour of using the 
>passed permission name directly.
>Benefits: Should transparently allow any invocation of the Zope 2 API to 
>use Zope 3 permission names, allowing us to document that the dotted 
>permission name is the canonical name everywhere.
>Risks: Performance overhead of doing utility lookups. May result in name 
>clashes, but since the permission name is a dotted name and the Zope 2 
>permission name isn't, I think it's extremely unlikely that this would 
>actually happen in practice.

You probably should be careful with this: if not done carefully, you
may end up doing the utility lookup not once but once at each object on the
path from the accessed object to the root.

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