Roger Ineichen wrote:
>> Betreff: Re: [Zope-dev] who wants to maintain Zope 3?
>> Roger Ineichen wrote:
>>>> Betreff: [Zope-dev] who wants to maintain Zope 3?
>>>> Is anyone interested in maintaining Zope 3?
>> /me is certainly not
> I don't understand why you are not interested in Zope 3.
> Are you really not using Zope 3 packages like:
> zope.interface
> zope.component
> zope.schema
> etc.
> I'm really confused

The whole point about this discussion is whether we want to continue to 
use the "Zope 3" name at all.

zope.interface and friends are part of the Zope Toolkit. That's not 
something you install a a whole; it's a collection of parts (that can 
work together and that others build on to create wholes). Do people want 
a particular whole that's like the current Zope 3?



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