Hi there,

Closing that mega thread, here are some conclusions from it:

* many people are quite willing to make sure their existing applications 
will still work.

* people are quite willing to maintain the KGS for Zope 3 and release 
newer versions.

In both cases, the scope of Zope 3 has decreased a lot, as most of the 
Zope 3 codebase will be shared with the Zope Toolkit, and the Zope 3 KGS 
will be based on the Zope Toolkit KGS.

Concerning installation tools for Zope 3, it looks like some people are 
interested in this topic. We also discussed possible cooperation between 
the installation stories within a Zope Toolkit context.

People have explicitly said they aren't interested in 
building-a-community related aspects of maintenance, such as writing 
documentation about how to install and use Zope 3, websites, etc.

Concerning the ZMI, I haven't seen a lot of interest. People do use it 
in a minimal way to install apps, but the ZMI is rather more involved 
than that. I've started a new thread to explore that issue.


It looks to me like we have support for a limited-scope Zope 3, possibly 
with a massively cut down ZMI that might be restricted to application 
installation (and documentation tools). The primary focus is to maintain 
existing applications, making sure they continue to work (much of that 
will be making sure the Zope Toolkit still works).

So, it looks like Zope 3 will become a very thin layer on top of the 
Zope Toolkit. Technically this isn't that dissimilar from the way Grok 
uses the Zope Toolkit, though there's a vast difference in the community 
approach. Many people will just roll their own applications on top of 
the Zope Toolkit and may stop caring about Zope 3 altogether.



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