Chris Withers wrote:
> A little gotcha in 2.12 is that, because Versions are now gone, you get 
> some weird errors when you try and view the ZMI using an older Data.fs.
> The following fixed it for me:
>  >>> cp = app.Control_Panel
>  >>> cp._objects = tuple([i for i in app._objects if
>                           i['id']!='Versions'])
>  >>> import transaction
>  >>> transaction.get().commit()

I think we don't have anything like for Zope2 do
we? IIRC we added code to catch and inline-migrate these things so far
(I'm thinking about some ZCatalog changes from a while back).

So the way to handle this would be to add some code to the part of the
Zope startup code that creates the Control_Panel to always check for
"Versions" in there and remove it when found, correct?


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